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    Is Kwasi Kwarteng wrong, or just the right man at the wrong time?

    Kwarteng will deliver a statement on November 23 spelling out how he plans to control public debt in the medium term. In the meantime, people are starting to worry that he is cooking up punishing cuts to government spending, including the welfare system.Any reassurance there? Would social security recipients have their benefits increased to keep


    Police probe death of boy in Lagos after injections

    The police in Lagos has commenced a probe of the death of a young boy The kid died after some injections were allegedly administered to him in a hospital in the Ogombo area. Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin said the matter has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Yaba. The spokesman confirmed


    Masks rule to stay for public transport

    Aekkachai: People need to be aware. Wearing face masks on public transport and in cinemas is still mandatory, the Department of Health said.Covid-19 will be eased from a dangerous communicable disease to a communicable disease under surveillance on Saturday, as re-stated on Thursday by Dr Aekkachai Piansriwatchara, a deputy director of the Department of Health