The Scotfree

We are flooded with a stream of information on a daily basis. What we see, watch, hear, listen to shapes our character, opinions, attitudes and ideals.

But have you ever thought: 

This seems broken

Something is missing

Is this the whole truth?

The media today is a bipartisan battleground, TV channels preach biased ideologies, lashing out with cutting ‘commentary’ and the social media fronts, a digital army of keyboard warriors are crusading on the latest travesty or offence.

Have you ever asked yourself:

How can I cut through the noise?

Why can’t I make my own mind up?

Is there a resolution?

We aim to help you in opening your mind. The Scotfree contains articles from a broad spectrum of subjects and sources, covering sociopolitical and geopolitical issues from many diverging  angles.

The Scotfree delivers this information in a clean, simple and easy to read format, with no ads or other distractions. All articles are accredited and contain hyperlinks directly to the the articles source.

The Scotfree wants your interaction too, by sharing articles, we can get people talking.
Healthy debate is admired by us where we encourage you to challenge yourself and question everything!

Break The News – Create A New Paradigm.