Beijing [China], December 23 (ANI): China increases its military capabilities across the South China Sea by improving its electronic warfare, communications, and intelligence-gathering capabilities.

Forests of antennas are popping up across the South China Sea. And they’re further evidence of Beijing’s determination to dominate the strategic international waterway, according to New York Post.

Further, International affairs think tank the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) warns Beijing is “taking major steps toward improving its electronic warfare, communications, and intelligence-gathering capabilities near the South China Sea.”Metal poles with wires strung between them seem harmless enough. Even a cluster of big satellite dishes isn’t all that uncommon anymore. But it’s what they’re attached to that counts, according to New York Post.

Further, CSIS reports mention that China’s artificial island fortresses at Subi and Fiery Cross Reefs in the South China Sea feature extensive communications and intelligence gathering facilities. There’s also a network of sensor towers between Hainan Island and the Paracel Islands.

“They’re ideally placed to detect, monitor — and interfere with — any electronic activity in the region. And that means vital equipment may not perform as expected,” the report mentions further.

Meanwhile, Beijing certainly appears to have been determined to build up its ability to do precisely that and develops the potential is for a pre-emptive strike that disables a nation’s ability to fight”The war of the future will not only be about explosions, but will also be about disabling the systems that make armies run,” the Brookings Institution report warns.

“We could see effects as stodgy as making a tank impossible to start up, or sophisticated as retargeting missile midair,” the report said.

“Our military systems are vulnerable and We need to face that reality by halting the purchase of insecure weapons and support systems and by incorporating the realities of offensive cyberattacks into our military planning,” the report added.

It’s a battle on many electronic fronts. It’s a domain co-ordinated by China’s Strategic Support Force, according to New York Post. (ANI)

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