A South Canterbury man received two years' imprisonment for an aggravated robbery and offering to supply drugs when he appeared for sentencing in the Timaru District Court. (File photo)


A South Canterbury man received two years’ imprisonment for an aggravated robbery and offering to supply drugs when he appeared for sentencing in the Timaru District Court. (File photo)

A South Canterbury man who robbed another man of illegal drugs and offered drugs to others has been jailed for two years.

Baxter James Robinson, 22, was jailed by Judge Joanna Maze at Timaru District Court on Tuesday having previously pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, and offering to supply a Class C drug (cannabis), offering to supply a Class B drug (MDMA), and two charges of offering to supply a Class A drug (Magic mushrooms and LSD).

According to the police summary of facts, the aggravated robbery occurred at a Waimate home on May 27, 2020.

Robinson, along with an associate, came through the door and punched the complainant in the mouth.

“He fell back in to the wall and Robinson jumped on top of him and held him down,” the summary says.

“Robinson continued holding the complainant down with his hand against his throat and a knee on his chest. He was saying ‘tell me where it is’ and asking ‘where is the stuff?’.”

Robinson and his associate later left the address with the cannabis and the MDMA.

About an hour and a half later, Robinson texted the complainant saying “say anything to anyone, and I’ll be the least of your worries”.

Part of the investigation into the event led to the police analysing Robinson’s phone for evidence. During that analysis, evidence of drug dealing was discovered.

“Between April 10, 2020, and May 27, 2020, Robinson offered cannabis to various contacts on at least 16 occasions,” the summary says.

“This included 11 instances directly after stealing the cannabis from the complainant of the aggravated robbery.”

Between April 30 and May 27, 2020, Robinson offered MDMA to various contacts on at least 18 occasions, including 10 offers after stealing the MDMA from the complainant. There were also offers of LSD on seven occasions between April 10 and May 7 and Magic Mushrooms on three different occasions between May 16 and May 24.

“When spoken to Robinson stated he had slapped the complainant earlier in the day on an unrelated matter, but denied going to the address on the night of the incident,” the summary says.

“He declined to make a comment about the drug dealings.”

Judge Maze told Robinson that his offending “reflects how out of depth you were”.

“You’re genuinely remorseful, your personal circumstances reflected poverty, lack of resources and influence of others within the drug using world,” Judge Maze told Robinson.

“You are deeply distressed by your own actions. The important step is to get you into some form of rehabilitative counselling. Such counselling may be available on a one-to-one basis.”

Judge Maze said Robinson’s early years included a number of obstacles, including his mother’s alcoholism.

This had led to a “normalising of alcohol and drug misuse”, an “absence of parenting” and “chronic poverty.

“You recognise the chaos of your former lifestyle.

“You showed insight and empathy, your early developmental years were marred by exposure to alcoholism.

“Because your case is so unusual and your background factors so demanding, a merciful response should be considered.”

Judge Maze said the offences had a starting point of five years’ imprisonment, but there were to be discounts for early guilty plea, relative youth and personal circumstances.

Judge Maze sentenced Robinson to a concurrent sentence of two years’ imprisonment. She also noted the aggravated robbery was a first strike offence.

Robinson was also ordered to complete drug and alcohol counselling and attend psychological counselling.



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