For just the third time in State of Origin history, NSW will wear a dark blue jersey instead of the traditional sky-blue kit during next week’s series opener in Adelaide – and fans are outraged.

Following the launch of the jersey, Blues supporters and commentators alike lashed the look, however NSW officials have defended their decision.

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Rugby league commentator Andrew Voss slammed the new colours and called on fans to “protest”.

“I reckon it’s time to protest. Wear the sky blue in defiance in the treacherous move to wear a Victorian jersey in Adelaide,” Voss said on SEN Radio.

Fans took to social media to express their anger about the dark blue jersey, with the big red ‘W’ logo (Westpac) also a cause for concern.

“As a proud New South Welshman this is yet another example of NSW not getting State of Origin. If the Queenslanders were handed anything other than a maroon jersey they would refuse to wear it. Pride in the jersey is in the light blue one,” one person outraged on Twitter.

The dark blue jersey NSW will wear for this year’s State of Origin series opener and the traditional sky-blue jersey worn in previous years. Credit: Getty Images

“Horrible, horrible jersey,” another person commented.

“And I was thinking I’d buy the NSW Blues jersey this year … Pass, no thanks,” a person wrote on Twitter.

“What I like about the sponsorship with Westpac is how subtle the branding is,” joked a fan.

Another person took aim at the dark blue cap, saying: “That cap makes Tyson (NSW Blues player Tyson Frizell) look like a Westfield security guard.”

After seeing the jersey for the first time, some fans were hopeful that it was a training jersey, instead of the match jersey.

“I hope that’s the training jersey,” one person said on Twitter.

Another added: “Chill mate, it’s a training jersey. Maybe.”

In a Twitter poll conducted by the SEN Breakfast with Vossy & Brandy radio show, fans were asked: “Should NSW players wear the sky blue or navy blue jersey in Adelaide next Wednesday?”

NSW Blues forward Tyson Frizell wearing the NSW dark blue cap and jersey. Credit: Getty Images

From a total of 634 votes, 89.6 per cent of votes were in favour of the sky blue jersey, while only 10.4 per cent of fans liked the dark blue option.

“Why do they think there’s a need to step away from what is the sky blue of NSW?” a person asked about the jersey change.

“Sky blue for sure. It’s a no brainer,” another person said about the poll.

Another person suggested that “if we play in that dark blue jersey, we riot.”

NSW adviser and Blues great Greg Alexander defended the decision to wear the dark blue jersey and said the team has previously enjoyed success wearing an alternative strip.

“The jersey we wore in Perth in 2019 has been one of the most popular jerseys we have worn with fans and this one is very similar,” Alexander said.

“It’s not an issue with me and I’m sure it’s not an issue with any of the players and the fans that like the blue jersey back in 2019. I’m sure they will like it again.”

Blues forward Frizell said the most important thing is the NSW emblem on the jersey, not the shade of blue that the colour is.

“It’s still a blue colour. At the end of the day, it’s all about the badge on the front and it’s a NSW badge so we wear it with pride either way,” Frizell said.

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