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It’s time for me to say bye to Quebec once again.

In August, I made the move from Montreal to Florida with the hopes of not returning until the tyrannical nightmares are over in Canada.

But when I heard that there would be another curfew in my home province of Quebec, I knew I had an obligation to return and show Rebel News viewers the other side of the story, just like I did during the province’s last curfew with your help at LockdownReports.com.

During the curfew last year, I was the only reporter out on the streets of Montreal almost every night, aside from the occasional help from other Rebels and our legal team, showing you what other media outlets wouldn’t.

Throughout my time in Montreal, I saw police enforcing the draconian lockdowns with harsh fines to people simply living life and or protesting government mandates, as is their legal, democratic right in this allegedly free country.

I also had the honour of being stopped by the police and asked “Papers, please!” by Montreal’s finest. I was even threatened with a ticket once for simply doing my job, showing you what the curfew looks like. Last time, I ended up getting tickets in the mail months later, so maybe I’ll be that lucky this time…

I wish I could have stayed the entire curfew, but unfortunately I need to go back home. I know Alexa Lavoie there now in Quebec, and she will continue showing you the other side of the story in English and in French, with support from our Toronto team that will come visit Quebec when needed.

If you can help us keep telling this unique story that the rest of the media doesn’t seem interested in, please go to LockdownReports.com so we can show you the truth about what life under Quebec’s strict lockdown looks like!


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