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Help pay the legal fees of Pastor Artur by making a donation. Donations will go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity that is now helping the ‘Fight The Fines’ project. So, you can now get an official charitable receipt for a donation made on this page and use it to reduce your Canadian taxes.

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We have been the only source with boots on the ground for the entire Pastor Artur Pawlowski saga — in fact, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was out very first recipient. When mainstream media outlets vilified him, police harassed him, judges attempted to stifle him and politicians defamed him, we were there reporting the facts.

The malice directed towards Artur by authorities might befit a terrorist or a serious criminal, but Artur is neither of those things. His supposed crime was refusing to bend the knee to charter- and criminal code-violating overreach by government officials. It was opening his church and feeding the poor when the government thought it better that he simply fold on his convictions and comply with their arbitrary mandates.

After his initial dramatic road-side arrest and a second truly unbelievable airport arrest, Pastor Artur and his brother Dawid were once again arrested roadside and thrown in jail like common criminals. Nathaniel Pawlowski gave us an update on the events leading up to the dramatic arrest, and we now bring you an exclusive interview with Pastor Artur and Dawid mere hours after their release from jail. They filled us in on some new details about the arrest and their treatment behind bars.

It is abundantly clear with the arrest of the Pawlowski’s that despite repeated international embarrassment, authorities in this province have no plans to cease their harassment of these men. We will always have their backs, and if you want to help them fight back, go to today and make a donation to help cover the costs of Artur’s legal fees. Keep in mind that your donation goes to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, so you will receive a tax receipt for your valuable contribution to the fight for freedom.

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