Even though all of their customers had to be “fully vaccinated”, and even though all of their employees, volunteers and contractors are all “fully vaccinated”, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights had to close its doors.

I guess it’s time to stop blaming the unvaccinated and start questioning how useful vaccines really are.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights Recently closed it’s doors, allegedly in the interest of public health and safety.

In the interest of public health and safety, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors throughout the holidays and into the new year. We plan to reopen to the public on January 11. pic.twitter.com/A0nstdsH5l

— Canadian Museum for Human Rights (@CMHR_News) December 24, 2021

It’s an odd thing for them to say, considering last time I emailed the museum, they told me they had yet to independently curate a policy with professional medial advisors that was meant to keep their patrons healthy and safe.

Their announcement to close came the same day as the province announced new public health orders, which seems more likely the cause of this closure.


Dec. 24, 2021 – 10 a.m.

Health and Seniors Care Minister Gordon, Dr. Brent Roussin, chief provincial public health officer, and Dr. Joss Reimer, medical lead, Vaccine Implementation Task Force, to discuss COVID-19 update.

Watch it live at https://t.co/H44HBJ0qk8. pic.twitter.com/5rKEEC2sFj

— Manitoba Government (@MBGov) December 24, 2021

The museum planned to reopen on the January 11, but public health orders and Manitoba government announcements continued to evolve over the Christmas break.


January 5, 2022 – 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Jazz Atwal, deputy chief provincial public health officer, and Dr. Joss Reimer, medical lead, Vaccine Implementation Task Force, to discuss COVID-19 and vaccine update.

Watch it live at https://t.co/CVWgzOw2EB. pic.twitter.com/XbTNU5qiL2

— Manitoba Government (@MBGov) January 5, 2022

The day after this previous health announcement, the CMHR once again postponed their reopening, but this time until February 1.

Due to the public health situation in Manitoba, we’ve extended the Museum’s temporary closure until Tuesday, February 1, 2022. pic.twitter.com/K1gQG7btXT

— Canadian Museum for Human Rights (@CMHR_News) January 6, 2022

In closing their doors, are they not admitting this medically discriminatory policy failed to protect the health and safety of the “fully vaccinated” who were in attendance?

In fact, they may have been aiding in the transmission of the virus by allowing those who were previously deemed “fully vaccinated” to gather and potentially transmit the virus to one another.

As we’ve recently found out, waning immunity is a strong likelihood for anyone “fully vaccinated” and more likely the case the longer they go on without their confidence “booster”.

Last year the museum decided to discriminate against anyone who wasn’t “fully vaccinated”, which is painfully ironic considering what the Canadian Museum for Human Rights claims to stand for.

I myself was personally discriminated against when attempting to enter, all for not revealing this piece of private medical information.

This segregation is state-sponsored and the museum gleefully went along with it, as they claimed multiple times, “We are following laws and guidelines.” Just ‘following orders’ isn’t a good look coming from a museum for human rights.

The government would claim that even though these vaccines aren’t targeted at Omicron, they still give vax-addicts some benefit against this new strain, and they’re already waiting for the possibility of an Omicron-specific mRNA shot, which may come in months ahead.

I find all this rather unfortunate, considering the “fully vaccinated” are the vector for which vaccine-resistant variants arise, and considering they’re just about the only ones who have been able to travel in recent times, how do you think Omicron came to Canada?

The Manitoba government continually changes the definition of “fully vaccinated”, and from the government’s previous orders to their latest, they changed from saying you need “two doses” of whatever, to a “full series of a vaccine.” In other words, prepare for your third, fourth, fifth — who knows how many — booster shot.

That doesn’t sound pleasing to the ears, but perhaps getting your “full series of a vaccine” sounds more appealing to the masses.

I guess we’ll see what happens with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and if they will in fact reopen on February 1, even though that’s the same day the latest round of orders are set to expire.


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