petition to let them stay

  • By Drea Humphrey

PETITION: Let Them Stay

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Canada is evicting all tenants, adults, and children ages five and up who are not vaccinated by January 17. Please sign the petition on this page to have this disgusting policy reversed.

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Goal: 10,000 Signatures

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Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon (RMHBC) is evicting sick children and their families that rely on the organization’s housing support to be able access life-saving treatments more easily.

Why, you ask? Because they are unvaccinated for COVID-19.

The dehumanizing policy sparked a frenzy of outrage immediately after Austin Ferguson, the father of a four-year-old boy with leukemia, uploaded a heart-wrenching video Tuesday, where he questioned a RMHBC manager about the reasoning behind throwing their unvaccinated family out. 

“This was a family and a home to us” Ferguson told me when I met with his family for our interview.

The policy to evict people in need due to their choice not take an experimental vaccine with zero long-term studies was approved by the charity’s 14 member board of directors, and goes into into affect on January 17.

It requires “everyone five years or older who are working, staying, or visiting” RMHBC’s facilities in their Vancouver house location, as well as their “Family Room” in Surrey Memorial Hospital, to show proof of being “fully vaccinated (2 doses)” in order to enter their facilities.

Tenants such as the Fergusons were given until the end of the month to pack up and leave. 

The policy seems both cruel and unjustified, considering Pfizer, a substantial donor to RMH and whom RMH labels as a “friend” on their website, had their very own CEO, Albert Bourla, recently admit that when it comes to the dominant and significantly more mild Omicron variant, two shots provide “little, if any, protection” for the person injected with them.

“This seems to be a trending thing across the country, where they are just putting their hands around the throat of every unvaccinated person, and squeezing until they obey” Fergusan says in this full report (hyperlink). And I think he’s absolutlye right.

That’s why we at Rebel News have created a petition to allow everyone who is disturbed by RMHBC’s policy to sign and to call on RMC to make their house a safe haven for all sick kids and families, regardless of their vaccination status.

Since the backlash began after the now-viral Facebook video of the Ferguson’s struggle aired, RMH appears to be backpedaling from what was written in their black and white policy.

According to a Vancouver City News article, which was recently, amended to exclude and revise some of its prior statements regarding the Fergusons situation, RMH is now claiming that “families will not be forced out onto the streets if they are not vaccinated by the end of the month.”

The charity claims “its family services team and social workers will work to find alternate housing for families who refuse to get everyone over the age of five vaccinated by the deadline.”

RMH’s watered down afterthought to their shocking policy doesn’t seem to be diffusing the outrage the charity is attracting internationally on social media. Support for the Fergusons has been remarkable during this time, as their original GoFundMe page for when four year old Jack was first diagnosed with cancer has grown exponentially in the past 24 hours.

If Canadians condone sick kids with leukemia who have come to love living at Ronald McDonald House during the worse days of their lives to be tossed aside — what will come next for the unvaccinated?

They say evil prevails when good men do nothing, so lets do something about this.

Go to and sign our petition to call on RMH to reverse this disgraceful policy, and then accept our prompt that guides you to email Cathy Loblaw, the CEO of Ronald McDonald House, to be certain she knows you are counting on her to make sure that happens.

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