Video: Reiner Füellmich and 50 Lawyers: “Different Batches” and “Lethal Doses”, ”The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill”

By Reiner Fuellmich and Perspektiv, January 13, 2022

After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former vice president of Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon who has been a scientist for 36 years, lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaccines are designed to experiment on the human race and to find out what dosage of a yet unknown toxin is needed in order to kill people.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Does Not Exist

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, January 13, 2022

At the outset of the corona crisis, the number of so-called confirmed positive cases was abysmally low, starting with 83 positive cases outside China (6.4 billion people). These ridiculously low numbers were nonetheless used to justify the launching on January 30th 2020 of a Worldwide Public Health Emergency leading up six weeks later to the official declaration of a Worldwide Pandemic on March 11, 2021 (44,279 covid positive cases outside of China).

Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming

By Gérard Delépine, January 13, 2022

This article demonstrates unequivocally that mortality and morbidity has increased dramatically as a result of the vaccine. The incidence of Covid positive cases has also increased.

Why Do NATO States Commit “Energy Hara Kiri”? Green Zero Carbon Madness. Industrial Collapse?

By F. William Engdahl, January 13, 2022

There is a great paradox in the increasingly aggressive US and NATO military stance towards Russia, and China, when measured against the clearly suicidal national Green Agenda economic policies of the USA as well as the EU NATO states. An astonishing transformation of the economies of the world’s most advanced industrial economies is underway and gaining momentum.

By Refusing Security to Russia, Washington Has Opened the Door to War

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, January 13, 2022

I regard Washington’s refusal to accommodate Russia’s security concerns as totally irresponsible. By denying security guarantees to Russia, Washington essentially told the Kremlin that the U.S.  intends to locate nuclear missiles on Russia’s borders and to use color revolutions among former Russian provinces to destabilize the Russian Federation.

2021: COVID Deaths Increase, Flu Deaths Disappear, 400,000+ More Total Deaths than 2020

By Brian Shilhavy, January 13, 2022

At the end of 2020, we reported how the CDC was caught manipulating the death statistics to make “COVID deaths” appear to be much higher than they actually were.

US-Japan Joint Operation Plan: Nansei Island Chain “Attack Base” Will Roil China, Russia

By M. K. Bhadrakumar, January 13, 2022

A Kyodo News agency report on Friday cited Japanese government sources to the effect that Tokyo and Washington have drawn up a draft joint operation plan that would enable the setup of an attack base along the Nansei island chain in Japan’s southwest in the event of a Taiwan contingency. 

Parents of College Kids Fed Up with ‘Shut Up and Comply’ Mandates

By Megan Redshaw, January 13, 2022

From vaccine and booster mandates to restricting what students can do off-campus, a growing number of universities are forcing students to jump through hoops in hopes of avoiding an increase in COVID cases.

“Political Power to Silence and Penalize Physicians who Question Certain Views on COVID-19”: Open Letter to Dr. Harmon and the American Medical Association (AMA)

By Dr. Shibrah Jamil, January 13, 2022

The very essence of traditional medical practice is open discourse and debate. Years of education and experience grant physicians the right to analyze data, question it and demand answers. Any attempt to silence practitioners who are true to their profession, is an egregious assault on their autonomy and undermines the doctor-patient relationship.

Colonial History and African Enslavement: Implications of the Expanded “New Origin Story: 1619 Project”

By Abayomi Azikiwe, January 13, 2022

African American woman journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones has released a nearly 600-page hardcover book entitled “A New Origin Story: The 1619 Project” as a continuation of the work which began with the release of a New York Times Magazine special issue during the Summer of 2019.

History of World War II: The Soviet Red Army’s Winter Campaign 80 Years Ago

By Shane Quinn, January 13, 2022

Six weeks into the Soviet Army’s counteroffensive, on 15 January 1942 Adolf Hitler at last agreed that German Army Group Centre could make a gradual, fighting withdrawal to a straighter and shorter line slightly further west of Moscow.

Video: Every Canadian Needs to Push Back Against Forced Vaccinations

By True North, January 13, 2022

Canada continues to creep into unventured territory with regards to the powers we’ve given our government in the last two years. What was a conspiracy theory only a few months ago is now becoming reality – the CBC and the Trudeau government are suddenly talking about forced vaccine policies.

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