Petition To Ban Bill C-4

  • By Adam Soos

PETITION: Ban Bill C-4

The Canadian government unanimously passed Bill C-4, which renders any counselling that encourages an individual to reduce non-heterosexual attraction or behaviour as illegal. Please sign the petition on this page to have this bill banned.

14,868 signatures

Goal: 18,000 Signatures

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Conversion therapy has been illegal in Canada for some time, and in my opinion, it should be… or at least what we traditionally think of as conversion therapy should be banned. Forcing someone to participate in archaic medical therapies or coercive and undesired counselling does not honor or respect an individual’s dignity as a human person. If Bill C-4 was simply about banning that sort of conversion therapy, we wouldn’t be concerned — but that is not what this law is about, despite what politicians may tell you.

You can watch my video with Andre Schutten of ARPA for a legal breakdown of the bill, or head over to my interviews with Hudson Byblow and Jose Ruba to get some more of the troubling details surrounding the ambiguous language and ideological motivations driving this bill. Ultimately, what you need to know is that Bill C-4 excludes LGBT folks from accessing certain types of counselling while potentially opening traditional faith communities to legal prosecution for daring to share their deeply held convictions on matters of sexuality.

Michael Thiessen of Liberty Coalition Canada joined me to let me know that many pastors will be participating in a Biblical Sexuality Sermon Sunday campaign in which thousands of American and Canadian churches will stand united and preach their long-standing beliefs on human sexuality in order to demonstrate their rejection of this censorious and charter-violating law.

If you have had enough of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals pushing their radical ideologies through legislation, and you want to so called Conservative opposition to actually push back against laws like this, sign our petition at and to send a message directly to those responsible.

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