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This past weekend, hundreds of Torontonians took to the streets downtown, in protest of Premier Doug Ford’s new lockdown restrictions introduced last week across Ontario.

— Efron Monsanto 🇨🇦 (@realmonsanto) January 8, 2022

Rebel News was on the scene for the protest, which began on the lawns north of Queen’s Park, Ontario’s legislature, covering the weekly demonstration. Protesters marched and chanted throughout the streets of downtown Toronto, shouting:


One of the marchers told Rebel News how these massive sweeping lockdowns affect his friends and family, saying that “It’s just a bunch of people losing their jobs, that’s the only change.”

Another chimed in, stating that it’s time for this generation to “wake up” because small businesses disproportionally take the brunt of restrictions compared to big box retailers like Costco and Walmart:

“I’m just sick and tired of all these big companies, they’re getting colossal profits, [the] small business guy is screwed to the wall.”

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