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How to Watch The Suicide Squad Online

Remember that stretch during the pandemic, where we hardly saw any new superhero movies? And you were all begging for Marvel, DC, anyone to release so much as a set photo that would give us some glimmer of hope for our superheroed future? Well, we’ve fully swung to the other end of that pendulum. We’re…

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Yvette Cantu Schneider Spent Years Advocating For Anti-Gay Policy. Here’s Where She Is Now.

Yvette Cantu Schneider spent fourteen years working for the “ex-gay” movement—not only as the director of Women’s Ministries at Exodus International, but also through public policy work for the “pro-family” organization Family Research Council. A self-identified ex-practicing lesbian at the time, she made many television, conference, and church speaking appearances over the years in favor…

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Olly Murs has knee surgery after Newmarket racecourse injury

image captionOlly Murs said he may need to sit down during his next show after injuring his knee at the racecourse on the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk borderSinger Olly Murs has undergone surgery on his knee after injuring himself on stage at an open-air concert.A fragment of bone became lodged in the back of his knee after he…

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25 best movies on Netflix to stream right now

Alright, you want the best of the best? Then we’re gonna give it to you.After months of scouring Netflix for the best thrillers, best action flicks, best romantic comedies, best horror movies, best family films, and more, it’s finally come time for us to narrow down our streaming suggestions to the best movies, period. That’s…

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Can AI make democracy fairer?

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Democracy in ancient Athens looked quite different from democracies today. Instead of elections, most offices—including those in the legislature, governing councils, and magistrates—were filled by citizen volunteers, selected by random lottery. These citizens’ assemblies drafted, debated, and passed laws; made major foreign policy decisions; and controlled military budgets.  Today, citizens’ assemblies…

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Matt Damon’s 15 Best Movies, Ranked

Is Matt Damon a bona fide A-list movie star or merely a very successful character actor? The answer, of course, is both. Which, in a way, makes him a rare kind of celluloid unicorn. It wasn’t always this way. In the early ‘90s, Damon was a Harvard drop-out hustling to get his big break on…

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