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    The Death Dilemma: Are Hospitals Overtreating Patients Nearing the End?

    Adapted from Death Interrupted: How Modern Medicine Is Complicating the Way We Die © 2022 Blair Bigham. Published by House of Anansi Press as part of The Walrus Books series. Ican’t recall a time as a paramedic when I pronounced someone dead without complete confidence. Back then, it was a relatively easy decision to make.

    After Alexander the Great’s death, this Indian empire filled the vacuum

    ByPatricia S. DanielsPublished October 4, 2022• 11 min readWhile history books are full of tales about the Roman Empire, the Spanish Empire, and China’s various dynasties, there’s precious few details about one of the world’s earliest empires—and one of history’s largest. The vast Mauryan Empire, established in 321 B.C., covered most of the Indian subcontinent

    Is Tesla’s New Humanoid Robot “Optimus” an AI Gamechanger?

    One question for Animesh Garg, a computer scientist at the University of Toronto, director of the People, AI, and Robotics group, and a senior research scientist at Nvidia whose research vision is to enable robots to seamlessly interact and collaborate with humans in novel environments. Photo courtesy of Animesh Garg Is Tesla’s new humanoid robot

    Christians Slain in Kano and Plateau States, Nigeria

    ABUJA, Nigeria, September 30, 2022 (Morning Star News) – Suspected Fulani herdsmen on Sunday (Sept. 25) killed two Christians in Plateau state, Nigeria after Islamic State terrorists allegedly killed two others in the city of Kano on Saturday (Sept. 24), sources said.In northern Nigeria’s Kano state, suspected members of the Islamic State West Africa Province

    Brilliant noise

    Warning: this film features flashing light that could be unsuitable for photosensitive viewers....