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    It’s the world’s newest whale species—and it’s already endangered

    AnimalsRice’s whales are among the world’s rarest marine mammals, with only about 50 surviving off Florida’. How did scientists miss them—and how can we save them now?Published February 3, 20235 min readIt’s not often that scientists discover a new species of mammal, let alone one that reaches 40 feet in length, weighs up to 30

    Joe Acabá, de la NASA, será el astronauta jefe de la agencia

    La NASA ha nombrado al astronauta veterano Joe Acabá jefe de la Oficina de Astronautas del Centro Espacial Johnson de la agencia. Veterano condecorado de múltiples vuelos espaciales, así como ex marine estadounidense y exeducador, Acabá es la primera persona de ascendencia hispana seleccionada para dirigir la oficina...

    Salman Rushdie on the enduring beauty of the Taj Mahal

    Published February 2, 20234 min readThe trouble with India’s Taj Mahal is that it has become so overlaid with accumulated meanings as to be almost impossible to see. A billion chocolate-box images and tourist guidebooks order us to “read” the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s marble mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, known as “Taj Bibi,”

    The Dallas Zoo is being sabotaged. Here’s what we know.

    Published February 2, 20236 min readDallas It started with Nova, a 25-pound clouded leopard who escaped from a suspicious opening in her fence. Then it was Pin, an endangered lappet-faced vulture found fatally and intentionally wounded in his enclosure. And finally, two emperor tamarin monkeys were stolen—and later recovered—despite heightened security measures.It’s unknown who is

    The Algae That Might Save Earth’s Coral Reefs

    In 1879, the German botanist Anton de Bary coined the term symbiosis. People usually think of symbiosis in terms of mutually beneficial relationships, but scientifically it’s a catch-all for any relationship—harmonious or antagonistic, parasitic or neighborly—between two different organisms. The details are left unclear. Just two years later, while studying marine creatures under a microscope

    16 Million Women Have Left the Church in the Past 10 Years, Author Says

    Throughout the past decade, millions of women have left the church despite considering themselves Christians.”The phrase that I like to use a lot is, ‘the church of your past doesn’t have to be the church of your future,'” Andersen told CBN’s PrayerLink in an interview.Despite acknowledging that no church is perfect, Anderson invites women to

    Scientists Might Bring Back These Extinct Animals

    This article was originally published on Sept. 9, 2022. Extinction has a pretty clear definition: gone forever. Or does it?New advances using gene-editing tools like CRISPR or targeted breeding are rapidly leading researchers to think about bringing back certain species — the passenger pigeon, Tasmanian tiger and woolly mammoth, for example — from extinction. But