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    ‘I couldn’t believe it’: Brother of killed Ukrainian soldier

    Volodymyr Yezhov took part in pro-West demonstrations in 2014 and was quick to sign up to fight after Russia’s war began.Kyiv, Ukraine – Volodymyr Yezhov was one of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers killed in Russia’s war in Ukraine. He joined the army shortly after Russian tanks rolled into towns and cities including the capital, Kyiv

    Rhino poaching surges 93 percent in Namibia

    Authorities say 87 rhinos were killed last year compared with 45 in 2021, most of them poached from the country’s largest park.The number of endangered rhinos poached in Namibia reached an all-time high last year after 87 animals were killed compared with 45 in 2021, official government data has shown. Africa’s rhino population has been

    Are COVID travel curbs on China making the world safer?

    With China reversing its strict zero-COVID lockdown policies, infections have been surging across the country. Hospitals are packed, and crematoriums are struggling to cope as bodies come in. In response, dozens of nations — from the United States and Europe to Asia and Africa — have instituted a range of restrictions targeted at incoming travellers

    Missile hits Kharkiv apartment block, killing at least one

    Rescue teams in northeast search rubble of Kharkiv building, as Russian shelling hits southern city of Kherson.An air raid on Ukraine’s northeastern city of Kharkiv has killed at least one person, as three people were killed in the southern city of Kherson amid renewed Russian shelling. “Today, the Russian army has been shelling Kherson atrociously

    Erdogan says Turkey may accept Finland in NATO, but not Sweden

    Turkey and Hungary are the only members of the 30-nation alliance yet to approve the Nordic nations’ application.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has signalled that Ankara could accept Finland into NATO before taking any action on the membership of its Nordic neighbour Sweden. Erdogan was speaking just days after Ankara suspended NATO accession talks with