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    Decades-old crustaceans coaxed from lake mud give up genetic secrets revealing evolution in action

    An ancient Daphnia pulicaria individual resurrected from South Center Lake (Minnesota, USA). This individual was hatched from an egg recovered from sediments that date back to circa 1418-1301 A. D. OU scientists have recently studied other members of this species to understand rapid evolution to human-caused pollution in lake ecosystems. Credit: Dagmar Frisch Human actions are changing

    Looking beyond microplastics: Cotton and synthetic microfibers impact behavior and growth of aquatic organisms

    Larval inland silversides with cotton microfibers in their digestive tracts. Credit: Oregon State University While microplastics have received significant attention in recent years for their negative environmental impacts, a new study from Oregon State University scientists found microfibers from synthetic materials as well as cotton impacted the behavior and growth of water organisms. "We're trying

    More Airports to Use Greener ‘Glide’ Approach to Landing

    A growing number of U.S. airports are trying swoop landings rather than staircase descents, a method that saves fuel, cuts emissions and reduces noise Credit: Jetlinerimages/Getty ImagesEleven more U.S. airports plan to adopt a new way of landing planes that reduces both emissions and noise — all by having incoming planes turn off their engines

    Machines Learn Better if We Teach Them the Basics

    Imagine that your neighbor calls to ask a favor: Could you please feed their pet rabbit some carrot slices? Easy enough, you’d think. You can imagine their kitchen, even if you’ve never been there — carrots in a fridge, a drawer holding various knives. It’s abstract knowledge: You don’t know what your neighbor’s carrots and

    NCSC for Startups inducts four companies into programme

    Four more startups are set to join the NCSC accelerator, which helps the UK government develop technology and approaches to pressing cyber security challenges By Sebastian Klovig Skelton, Senior reporter Published: 01 Feb 2023 16:45 The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and innovation hub Plexal have selected four startups to join their NCSC for Startups

    Common Food Additives Linked to an Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

    Foods that commonly use nitrite preservatives include processed meats such as bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausages, corned beef, and cured meats. Additionally, some cheeses, smoked fish, and pickled products may also contain nitrite preservatives.A new study has found a link between consuming nitrites from drinking water and diet and the risk of developing type 2

    Why we shouldn’t get too excited about bioplastics

    This article was originally featured on Hakai Magazine, an online publication about science and society in coastal ecosystems. Read more stories like this at Plastics produced from plants are often considered less environmentally damaging than plastics made from petrochemicals. But scientists are warning that we should be careful making such assumptions. A new literature review examining the results

    Which groups of people tend to overestimate their IQ?

    Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Vaitsa Giannoul, a social scientist with European University Cyprus, has looked into the question of which group or groups of people tend to overestimate their own level of intelligence. The study is published in the journal Brain and Behavior. Giannoul begins by noting that intelligence in humans is difficult to assess

    When Does the Brain Operate at Peak Performance?

    Over the last few decades, an idea called the critical brain hypothesis has been helping neuroscientists understand how the human brain operates as an information-processing powerhouse. It posits that the brain is always teetering between two phases, or modes, of activity: a random phase, where it is mostly inactive, and an ordered phase, where it

    Apple Watch Ultra review

    Live Science Verdict The Apple Watch Ultra isn’t for everyone, but it should be the blueprint for the Apple Watch going forward — particularly in terms of battery life. Pros +Big, bright display+Customizable action button+Improved battery life Cons -Battery life still not as good as some competitors -Pricey, comparatively Why you can trust Live Science

    MI5 unlawfully collected and held millions of people’s data

    Secretive court finds MI5 knowingly acted unlawfully in use of bulk surveillance warrants, and the Home Office continued granting warrants despite information the agency was operating outside the law By Sebastian Klovig Skelton, Senior reporter Published: 31 Jan 2023 14:28 UK security service MI5 unlawfully gathered and retained millions of people’s private data, Britain’s most

    Would Baidu’s answer to ChatGPT make a difference?

    Baidu, China’s top search engine provider and robotaxi developer, is apparently working on its own counterpart to ChatGPT. The news, first reported by Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, sent Baidu’s stock price rising on Monday to reach its highest point since September. A spokesperson for Baidu declined to comment on the reports. But it

    Disordered eating is not only a disease of affluent girls

    Predominant stereotypes about eating disorders suggest that it is a condition mainly associated with girls from wealthy backgrounds. However, a new study from Michigan State University found that boys living in disadvantaged circumstances are at an increased risk for disordered eating, particularly if they have underlying genetic risk factors. “This is critical information for health

    Why you should update your iPhone ASAP, even if it is ancient

    Over the past week, Apple has rolled out some important security updates—including updates to iOS 16, iOS 15, and even iOS 12 to protect iPhones from a major vulnerability that’s still in the wild. That extends to older iPhone models too. Although the iPhone 5s was released back in 2013 and discontinued in 2016, it

    US proposes to ease blood donor restrictions on gay and bisexual men

    The US Food and Drug Administration has proposed that blood donor assessments measure individual risk and do not exclude people based on their sexual orientation or gender Health 30 January 2023 By Grace Wade The US is proposing new rules that do not limit blood donation based on gender or sexual orientationBelish/Shutterstock On 27 January

    A Famed Dolphin-Human Fishing Team Up Is in Danger of Disappearing

    A call for help sounds to ensure survival of a 140-year-old fishing partnership pairing cetaceans and humans Credit: Lars Mik Photography/500px/Getty ImagesPeople in Laguna proudly refer to their southern Brazilian city as the “national capital of fish-herding dolphins.” For at least 140 years, artisanal fishers and bottlenose dolphins have worked together in careful synchrony to catch

    ChatGPT Is Making Universities Rethink Plagiarism

    Although Daily acknowledges that this technological growth incites new concerns in the world of academia, she doesn’t find it to be a realm entirely unexplored. “I think we’ve been in a version of this territory for a while already,” Daily says. “Students who commit plagiarism often borrow material from a ‘somewhere’—a website, for example, that