10 Things the Mainstream Media Should Have Told us about COVID-19 and Never Did

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By Omar Kahn

Before diving into our decalogue, a little brush clearing is in order.

“Mainstream media” is now largely owned by clearly vested interests, influenced by advertising (overwhelmingly so by industry) and is far from a “public trust” in the sense it might have been perceived so in the past. Grant money intimidates “scientists.” And sponsors, advertisers and others govern what we might hear and see and perhaps therefore “think.” 

“Science” in terms of genuine research and the exploring, challenging, and expanding of hypotheses using evidence and replicable testing is far apart from “scientific conclusions” being touted in mainstream or even so called “academic” media primarily for behavioral and psychological influencing. 

The “science” politicians follow is the latter. And ambiguity is the enemy. Take “germ theory”, a hardy, apolitical postulate. If we mean “capable of causing disease” many mostly safe microbes get entered into the inventory. The list of those that always cause disease and are never harmless reduces us to a li…

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Omar Khan


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