The Australian government’s focus on clinical trial research investment continues to receive criticism from investors that believe profound cultural changes need to happen for exponential advancement of the nation.  The life science sector is relatively strong in a couple cluster areas of Melbourne and Sydney, but the investment culture of this nation has long centered on immediate hits from resource extraction for example.  But the government here continues to make announcements evidencing support and momentum for medical research. Most recently Australia’s Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt announced the funding of two clinical trials focused on novel therapies targeting breast cancer patients with low survival rates.

TrialSite in the past discussed some of the challenges with growing the medical research sector in Australia. While the Morrison government has provided unprecedented support, the investment culture of this nation traditionally came out of commodity resource extraction which of course has very different timelines and dynamics than the incredibly risky, complex and scientific world of medical research.  But this country’s academic medical cent…

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