Does the ‘Medical Establishment’ Scientifically Handle COVID-19 Thus Far?

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Medicine is one of several fields of Science. As such, it should adhere to scientific protocols (like the Scientific Method), just the same as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. should. The “Medical Establishment” is the bureaucracy that oversees the medical profession, so it is their obligation to see that the medical profession adheres to scientific standards. (BTW, when we say “Medical Establishment” we mean the WHO, FDA, CDC, AMA, etc. We are NOT referring to doctors, nurses, etc. who are directed by the Medical Establishment.

Note that the Medical Establishment has no personal contact with patients…) Regarding the COVID-19 matter, thousands of medical professionals have courageously spoken up, objecting to certain actions/inactions of the Medical Establishment, often at great professional risk. That is commendable, as this is how real Science works.

Get an External, Objective POV

What has been largely missing are inputs from non-medical scientists regarding the Medical Establishment’s adherence to scientific tenets. That’s what this report does …

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