Indiana Bill Prohibits Health Providers from Discouraging Ivermectin Use

Indiana’s General Assembly introduced a bill to support increased patient access to ivermectin for off-label treatment of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19.

Bill provides access to Ivermectin, protects vaccine mandate exemptions

Indiana House Bill 1372 would enable health providers to prescribe ivermectin for the treatment of coronavirus and prohibit bans of the medication. The bill would also prevent the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana, the Indiana State Board of Nursing, and the Indiana Board of Pharmacy from sanctioning doctors for prescribing ivermectin. 

The 2022 bill also prohibits employers in Indiana from enforcing vaccine mandates if a person rejects vaccination against COVID for religious or health reasons.

Ivermectin: Opposed by FDA, championed by WHO and Nobel Prize

Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled as dangerous when taken improperly for treatment of COVID despite its inclusion on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines and garnering its inventors a 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine. The FDA claims ivermectin is not effective and has not authorized or approved the drug’s use for treatment again…

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