New NGOs Crank Up the Pace for Psychedelic Access – US and Worldwide

The Psychedelic Space continues to pop. Two fresh announcements in 2022, one from Amanda Fielding, Director of the UK-based Beckley Foundation, the other from Washington DC-based Psychedelic Medicine Coalition (PMC), testify to the groundswell underway. Fielding is a high-profile figurehead/philanthropist. The global reform effort by newly-formed “ITPRI” is also supported by MAPS, yet only seeks to reschedule psilocybin.

Big capital now moves into a space that once upon a time was populated by hippies like Cheech and Chong and other outcasts.

As is now becoming a banal statistic, total investments in both for-profits and NGOs exploring psychedelia hover in the billion-dollar zone. This is enough to spawn multiple “market reports” for a “market” that won’t even exist, in true legal form, for years. Some percentage of the TSX startups will presumably wind up being little more than corporate pump&dump schemes – perhaps the subject of a future post here at TrialSite’s investor watch. 

To quote an anonymous twitter post: “Psychedelic medicalization: that sweet spot between prohibition and legalization where psychedelics will still be criminalized for most of us but co…

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