Ontario, Canada: Fully Vaccinated Hospitalized for COVID-19 in Higher Numbers than Unvaccinated

Canada’s most populated province, Ontario, reports record numbers of hospitalized individuals with COVID-19 based on the most recent public health reports. With Omicron raging, the governments of the United States and Canada continue to reinforce that this pandemic is one of the unvaccinated, yet the data associated with infections and hospitalizations suggests otherwise. For example, by Thursday, January 14,  the province reported 3,630 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19 with about half of them admitted due to SAR-CoV-2-related complications. This is a sizable jump from last week’s figure at 2,279. While the provincial government starts to differentiate between persons hospitalized because of COVID-19 versus scenarios where they merely happened to have been infected with the novel coronavirus—56% of the hospitalized are there due directly to COVID-19, while 46% are there for other reasons and happen to test positive for SARS-CoV-2. Of the total hospitalized, 500 patients are in the ICU, which is five less than the prior day: 82% of those in the ICU are due to COVID-19, while 18% of the total ICU population in Ontario were admitted for other conditions. But the bombshell new…

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