Pfizer Licensed Drug Hits Endpoints in Phase 2B Trial in Patients with Elevated non-HDL-C and Triglycerides

Ionis Pharma announced a Phase 2b study conducted by Pfizer and evaluating vupanorsen (formerly IONIS-ANGPTL3-LRx) for patients with elevated non-HDL-C and triglycerides has met its primary endpoint. Patients treated with vupanorsen achieved a statistically significant reduction in non-HDL-C at all doses tested at 24 weeks compared to placebo, meeting the primary endpoint. Key secondary endpoints were also reached, with statistically significant reductions in triglycerides (TG) and ANGPTL3 observed at all vupanorsen dose levels at 24 weeks compared to placebo.

In November 2019, Pfizer licensed vupanorsen from Akcea in a worldwide exclusive agreement. 

The global multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging study TaRgeting ANGPTL3 with an aNtiSense oLigonucleotide in AdulTs with dyslipidEmia (TRANSLATE-TIMI 70) enrolled 286 patients (≥ 40 years old) with dyslipidemia, defined in this study as participants with elevated non-HDL-C (≥ 100 mg/dL) and TG (150-500 mg/dL), who are receiving a stable dose of a statin. Participants received either 80 mg, 120 mg or 160 mg every 4 weeks, or 60 mg, 80 mg, 120 mg or 160 mg every two weeks via subcutaneous injection.


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