UK Midwives Union: Stop COVID-19 Mandates Now!

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM), a health care worker trade union and professional association in the United Kingdom dedicated to midwifery practice calls for an immediate delay of government plans for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of National Health System (NHS) staff in England. The worker representatives fear a “catastrophic” impact on maternity services. This latest move is in response to the imminent requirement that all patient-facing NHS staff get vaccinated by April 1, 2022, with some exceptions—otherwise, the midwives get terminated. A precarious timing for many unvaccinated, they must get their first jab by February 3 to comply. The UK NHS represents the national socialized health system.

Labor Shortages

Already, the UK faces chronic understaffing challenges, and given the midwives’ concern about the jab, a shortfall of approximately 2,000 is forecast. The impact of the pandemic has only exacerbated the growing crisis, whether union members fall ill, take care of family, or face burnout.

The Concern

The crux of the concern now involves the anticipated fallout of those midwives that refuse to get vaccinated. The union fears that the imminent national…

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