Who Said this was a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? Fully Vaxxed Cass Skyrocket Past Unvaxxed in Scotland

Fully vaccinated persons in Scotland are now hospitalized at greater levels than the fully unvaccinated, with an ever-growing number of the elderly becoming seriously ill because of vaccine durability issues.  Due to the waning immunity of the COVID-19 vaccines, the elderly and other at-risk cohorts raise the fully vaccinated COVID-19 hospitalization levels higher than the unvaccinated. Of course, the vaccinated make up a much larger percentage of the total population. Hence, with breakthrough infections and leaky vaccines, the fully vaccinated represent a greater number of total people hospitalized. Nevertheless, this data counters the narrative that it’s primarily the unvaccinated that populate the great majority of hospital acute care and ICU beds.

The mainstream press in Scotland, such as The Herald, now report on the growing breakthrough infections and associated hospitalizations. The unvaccinated now are hospitalized at lower rates than the fully vaccinated!

Regardless, back in America, the POTUS went on the record again in his most recent speech that this remains “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Biden elaborated that the unvaccinated end up in the hospital much …

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