Jamie Dornan addressed whether or not he is typecast following his performance in 50 Shades of Grey.

During an interview with The Telegraph, the 39-year-old insisted his role as Christian Grey in the trilogy did not affect any of the acting parts he has pursued since.

“At the time, I was asked if I was scared of being typecast – as what? As a BDSM-loving billionaire? I think that’s a one-off,” the Belfast actor told the publication. “Nothing close to that has come my way again – I’ve barely worn a suit since.”

Despite not being pigeonholed after the steamy role, Dornan noted that he has endured plenty of jokes about the part since its premiere in 2015.

“I’m well used to it. You know what really helps? I’m from a place where taking the mickey out of each other is our common currency,” the BAFTA nominee said. “It’s how we communicate – it’s how we show affection. So, if you’re from Belfast and you give a load of s**t – like I do to my mates – if you can’t take it back, you end up a bit screwed. But I’ve always been able to give s**t and take s**t, so I’m sort of armed for it.”

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