A Manufactured Illusion: Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich

The Illusion of Demand- from the Anthrax attacks to Covid19 (at 1:14:07)
Intentional Release of a Respiratory Pathogen (at 39:58)
CDC committing bribery (at 17:01)
RICO and Racketeering (at 21:55)
There is NO Delta Variant (at 56:15)
Evidence COVID Was Deliberate and For-Profit: “The New Normal Campaign” by Merck Began began on 1/6/04 (at 34:50)
Dr. Peter Daszak (at 30:50) 73 patents of Covid vaccine were created before ALL SARS, MERS and COVID19 outbreaks. (at 27:25)

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier

This dossier is by no means exhaustive. It is, however, indicative the numerous criminal violations that may be associated with the COVID-19 terrorism. All source materials are referenced herein. An additional detailed breakdown of all the of individuals, research institutions, foundations, funding sources, and commercial enterprises can be accessed upon request.

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