OBJECTIVE: The present study aimed to examine the ameliorative effects of Morin (MRN) on Bisphenol-A (BPA)-induced oxidative stress in testicular mitochondria and sperm quality of rats.

METHODS: BPA and MRN (25, 50, and 100μM) were given to the spermatozoa and testicular tissue mitochondria. The sperm quality, mitochondrial viability, and MMP (mitochondrial membrane potential) were examined. Superoxide dismutase, CAT (catalase), malondialdehyde, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels of rat testicular mitochondria were measured.

RESULTS: BPA raised mitochondrial oxidative stress biomarkers, whereas antioxidant acclivity and MMP were significantly lowered. BPA significantly lowered the normality, viability, and motility of the sperms. MRN dose-dependently lowered oxidative stress of the mitochondria, raised MMP, as well as improved the percentage of abnormality, motility, and viability of the sperms.

CONCLUSIONS: These data demonstrated that MRN dose-dependently attenuated BPA-induced mitochondrial damage and improved sperm quality by preventing oxidative stress.



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