Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls and Bread has drawn the ire of leftists once it was discovered a board member made a private donation to Pennsylvania gubernatorial hopeful Doug Mastriano’s campaign.

Martin’s is based in Chambersville, PA and was first established in 1955 when the family began the business by baking bread out of a one-car garage. It’s gone on to become the supplier of other local businesses, such as Federal Donuts, and it’s potato buns are sold across the country. It’s quite the American success story, and we can’t have that, can we?

#PA “Fans began pressuring Federal Donuts to change its bread supplier after Billy Penn reported growing customer consternation because the family behind Martin’s has been among the top donors to the PAGOP candidate for governor, Doug Mastriano.”

— Jenny Stephens (@JennyStephens52) June 21, 2022

We wonder who started this ‘customer consternation’. We don’t know about anyone else but when we come across a good potato bun we don’t really stop to check its politics. We also wonder how we got to the point where you can’t even have a sandwich.

Just eat, already.

Federal Donuts, another Pennsylvania based business, has decided to cave and use an out-of-state supplier instead:

Federal Donuts has found a new potato roll for its signature fried chicken sandwiches.

The Philly chicken-donuts-coffee specialist is saying goodbye to Central Pennsylvania bread brand Martin’s — which it has used since introducing sandwiches to the menu in 2015.

Instead, the brand will start using the Schmidt Old Tyme Potato Roll made by Baltimore-born Schmidt Baking Company. A spokesperson for FedNuts on Tuesday confirmed the menu change to Billy Penn.

Martin’s issued a statement back when the controversy first started:

— Martin’s Potato Rolls (@potatorolls) May 17, 2022

We think it’s a pretty good one. What the online outrage mob repeatedly (and we suspect deliberately) ignores is every company has many moving parts, and it’s impossible to police every employee’s beliefs, nor should any employer want to. Boycotts rarely tend to hurt the people in charge, but they will hurt the people they employ.

The boycott did rally locals to support the company:

Please support @potatorolls They are delicious. The left is trying to destroy them because that’s just what the left does. Buy their rolls and you won’t be disappointed. Great PA family company.

— Rich Zeoli 🇺🇸 (@Richzeoli) June 22, 2022

We have been eating these since I was a kid. My mom always bought them, and so do I. Now I’m happy to support them through all this nonsense, too.

— Flower Power (@flowerpwr95) June 22, 2022

.@Richzeoli,we use Martin’s potato rolls for certain sandwiches at Mulligans. They are delicious! 😋

— The Ghost of Jonny Z (@JerseyShoreJZ) June 22, 2022

@Richzeoli I am going to buy Martin’s Potato rolls. When our Church has it’s Fall Harvest Festival, I am going to make sure we buy their rolls, 1000 plus. PS. Do Megaphone 📣 Bernie with that voice today.

— Tom Hoskins (@HoskinsTom) June 22, 2022

As always, the best answer to a boycott is a buycott.

And … they really are delicious.


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