What a world we’re living in.


There used to be a time when we could disagree with one another’s ideas and choices and things just went on, ya’ know? But now, if you dare step out of line and voice an opinion the woke do not accept HOO BOY, kiss your arse goodbye.

The mob always shows up … especially if you dare criticize their POLITICAL FLAGS.

The pain-inflicting column in question: https://t.co/AgtAtFSXXJ

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) September 22, 2022

The nerve.

Oh, and they’re right.

From The Baltimore Banner:

The ban does not apply to the Pride flag any differently than it would a Black Lives Matter flag, a Let’s Go Brandon flag or the Confederate battle flag. All are politicized flags. None have any place being displayed as part of a school-sanctioned display.

The ban also does not stop individual students from expressing their political beliefs in school. It only bans the display of such political flags in a school-sanctioned manner, something that has become far too common throughout the last few years.

What opponents of these restrictions on allowable flags fail to realize the point of a flag. A flag is a symbol; a symbol of support for a political entity, a culture or an ideology. Flying a flag indicates support for that nation, that state, that idea.

Simple, yes?

Makes sense, yes?

Welp, they’ve had to apologize for it:

“This week, we fell short of those commitments when we published an op-ed that very clearly caused pain to people, particularly in the transgender community, that we had no intention of harming.” https://t.co/ady8i1uWVz

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) September 22, 2022

From The Baltimore Banner again:

When we launched The Baltimore Banner earlier this year, we made a commitment to our readers and our staff – a commitment we try every day to live up to. We said we would deliver hard-hitting journalism that provides more depth and analysis. We said we would tell stories about undercovered communities and neighborhoods and that we’d do it with sensitivity with reporters and editors who better reflect this city. And we said, as stated in our mission, that we would “strengthen, unite and inspire.”

This week, we fell short of those commitments when we published an op-ed that very clearly caused pain to people, particularly in the transgender community, that we had no intention of harming. For that, I am sorry.

Holy crap.



Oh, and bending the knee … it never works, people.

Why don’t you hire a squeegee worker to write a column every other week? Or a homeless person? Or any of the millions of working people who have no voice in society? Instead you hire a right wing reactionary who parrots GOP talking points just to piss off people for engagement.

— King 👑 Debs (@prairiecommie) September 22, 2022


They literally just announced “We’re sorry that you allowed your feeling to be hurt, but here is why what we did was right. We are leaving the column up, continuing to run future columns from him, and hiring an editorial fall guy for the next time we do this”

— Robyn (@some_cow_ard) September 22, 2022

Hey, at least they left it up.

Not the Baltimore Banner platforming a known homophobe/transphobe, issuing a non-apology after the fact & then acknowledging they put LGBTQ+ staff in the uncomfortable & traumatic position of vetting the bigotry before publishing it.

Oh & the “article” is still on the website. pic.twitter.com/EP566mEw4r

— Del. Gabriel Acevero (@GabrielAcevero) September 22, 2022

Traumatic position?




How DARE they spout common sense about political flags!?



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