A REDHEADED cougar has revealed her response when people tell her she’s too much to handle.

The self-proclaimed cougar with more than 2,000 TikTok followers doesn’t have time for people who are afraid of her self-confidence.

A redheaded cougar gave the perfect response to people who say that she's too much to handle


A redheaded cougar gave the perfect response to people who say that she’s too much to handleCredit: TikTok/redhotcoog

@RedHotCoog makes content on fashion and comedy centered around her taste for younger men.

In one of her videos, she stands in a blue tank top that shows little to the imagination and a pair of skinny jeans.

“I know I’m a handful…” the audio starts as she takes a step to the camera.

“The last time I checked…you had two hands.”

She places her hands behind her and says, “So I don’t see what the problem is.”

She smiles before the video ends.

“I believe in you,” read the caption.

The video received over 1,000 views and had a few comments from people ready to take the challenge on.

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“Me either,” wrote one person with a few heart emojis.

“And I’m ready to use them!” wrote another person.

A third wrote: “Who would think your [sic] a problem, a great problem to have!!!”

Meanwhile, a cougar in the “no bra club” says she’s “finally free” after she decided to stop wearing lingerie under her clothes.

Another woman over 50 has asserted that she doesn’t want her breasts to be clothed in a bra – even after she passes away.

She plans to remain part of the no-bra crew and hopes her chest is free to breathe – even when she is post-mortem.

'The last time I checked...you have two hands,' she said


‘The last time I checked…you have two hands,’ she saidCredit: TikTok/redhotcoog

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