On Friday, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Frits Kemperman, said the Netherlands would not send any diplomatic delegation to Beijing Olympics due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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“Because of the COVID-19 measures in place in China there would only be limited opportunities for (…) bilateral contacts with the host country where the Netherlands’ great concern about the human rights situation could be discussed in a meaningful way,”  Kemperman said to Reuters.

This decision comes after a U.S.-led diplomatic boycott as a protest against China’s human rights record, joining Australia, Britain, Canada, and Japan, which are not sending any representation on the Olympic 2022 Winter Games.

China’s government has denied several times rights abuses accusations and has labeled the boycott as betraying Olympic principles.

Netherlands and Denmark will not send diplomatic representatives to the Beijing Winter Olympics due to COVID-19. This is not the sort of US-announced political boycott, and athletes from both countries will still attend: media reports pic.twitter.com/kOtowrvB7n

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) January 15, 2022

Last December 7, the current U.S Joe Biden administration confirmed it would not send any government officials to the Beijing Olympics. Jen Psaki, Press Secretary for the White House, alleged as the reason for this diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, supposed crimes against humanity committed by Chinese authorities, and abuses of human rights.



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