According to the Secret Service Office of Investigations Assistant Director Jeremy Sheridan statements on Thursday, cyber attacks are expected to increase their sophisticated crypto currency transactions in the future.


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“Increasing technological capabilities of the cyber actor as the more advanced digital money transactions evolve certainly will be something I see more of in the future”, said Sheridan during a videoconference with the Washington Post.

Sheridan considered that U.S. law enforcement agencies should be prepared to face the next wave of attacks against crypto currency transactions.

He added that despite the “standard” threats, the U.S. Secret Service now faces to new “smart” scams and fraud, as cyber criminals attempt to rob crypto currency money from investors.

“We have seen cyber criminals be able to insert themselves in that process in order to commit scams, commit frauds, or do take-overs of the crypto value and take it from the initial investor”, he noted.

Iran has not held direct talks with the United States, a country that insists on continuing its economic harassment of the Persian nation.

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