“The Electoral Organization is the only one that can reveal the official results of the June 6 election, and we think that Fujimori must comply with the people’s will,'” the diplomat told local media Bolivia TV.

Pary said from the seat of the United Nations that the tally is almost final, showing Castillo from the Peru Libre party as the unequivocal winner.


Bolivia Rejects US Threats of International Intervention: Pary

The rural teacher appealed to the needs and sentiments of families neglected for a long time, the ambassador state, adding that the progressive politician will now be tasked with building a country “by meeting the needs of its population.”

Peru’s National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) has reported so far that the teacher maintains a slight lead, with 50.204 percent of the ballots in his favor, over the 49.796 percent by Fujimori, the leader of the Fuerza Popular party.

“Ambassador of #Bolivia to the #UN, @DiegoPary considers that a victory for @PedroCastilloTe

in #Peru will be positive for the region, this neighboring country is part of the #AndeanCommunity and shares with Bolivians the #political #vision as well as #identity.” 

The electoral authorities added that 99.998 percent of the ballots have already been counted, and that 8,791,778 people cast their vote for Castillo, which is 71,441 more than the 8,720,337 votes for the neoliberal candidate.

Numerous Peruvian political analysts and personalities criticized Fujimori’s fraud allegations, questioning the call proposing the massive annulment of the election.



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