InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was grilled on the stand for calling the judge sitting next to him a ‘tyrant’ with ‘lasers coming out of her eyes’  during his Sandy Hook hoax trial. 

Jones, 48, seemed wildly uncomfortable as he took the stand on Thursday to answer questions about Judge Barbara Bellis, who is also presiding over the defamation trial. 

The loud-mouth conspiracy theorist was often found squirming in his chair, his face blush pink, and rapidly blinking as he tried to avoid any eye contact with Bellis, as the Sandy Hook Attorney Chris Mattei grilled him. 

‘And you’ve called this judge a tyrant, correct?’ Mattei asked him, to which he agreed. ‘You actually use that word a lot with your audience, you call people tyrants, don’t you?’ 

After a long pause, Jones replied: ‘Only when they act like it.’ 

Jones is on trial to see how much he will have to pay the families after losing his first trial involving Sandy Hook. For years, he declared the once-most deadly school shooting was a hoax and families claimed they were distressed by his claims their loved ones faked their deaths.   

Alex Jones, 48, seemed wildly uncomfortable as he took the stand on Thursday to answer questions about calling Judge Barbara Bellis a ‘tyrant.’ Bellis is also preceding over the defamation trial 

Bellis kept her face neutral, but peeked over at him during the pause before returning to scribbling down notes. 

‘One way that you’ve been conveying to your audience that Judge Bellis has been acting like a tyrant is by showing her with lasers coming out of her eyes, right? You know you did that?,’ Mattei continued. 

Jones denied that he ‘directed’ the creation of the meme, which had appeared on his show. He also claimed the first time he saw it was ‘in court.’

Jones, who did not attend the first six days of trial, admitted he has been watching it, to which the attorney smartly replied: ‘Oh, so you’ve been watching this? You could have just watched it from the seat.’ 

As the edited image of Bellis is shown to the courtroom, Mattei asked: ‘So this the tyrant you’ve been telling your audience about.’ 

‘I believe, I believe,’ Jones stammered before getting cut off by Bellis, who asked him to ‘look at me.’ 

At the sound of his name coming from the judge’s mouth, his face flinched before he turned to look at her. 

‘It’s “yes, no, or I don’t know,”‘ she instructed him. 

Jones would declared he ‘didn’t know,’ but would later change his answer to ‘yes’ after asking for the question to be repeated.  

The Republican squirmed and appeared nervous as his attorney asked for the initial answer to be ‘struck’ down and was denied. At one point, he does a double take toward his lawyers and raises his hand up as he switches between his defense and the screen. 

Jones, who reaches an audience of millions through his Texas-based program, spent years claiming on-air that the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting was a hoax – and was found liable for those claims by Judge Barbara Bellis earlier this month.

Last year, a Texas judge ordered he pay more than $50million to the parents of one of 20 kids who died in the mass shooting.

He squirmed in his seat throughout the questioning, often making weird facial expressions.  ‘You actually use that word a lot with your audience, you call people tyrants, don’t you?’ Sandy Hook Attorney Chris Mattei. Jones replied: ‘Only when they act like it’ 

He appeared stressed as he was sworn into during his defamation trial on Thursday

The loud-mouth conspiracy theorist was often found squirming in his chair, his face blush pink, and rapidly blinking as he tried to avoid any eye contact with Bellis

He pulled many expressions throughout the trial on Thursday as he took the stand 

Jones reportedly had an outburst on the stand after the harsh questioning from the defense and the judge adjoined for the day, asking his lawyer: ‘How are we going to avoid this problem tomorrow?’

The current hearing – which is now in its sentencing stage – is being held to determine how much he should pay relatives of eight other victims and an FBI agent who responded to the scene of the 2012 massacre.

A Connecticut jury of three men and three women, meanwhile, will determine the exact amount Jones and InfoWars owes to relatives of the 26 killed in the shooting, which Jones had said were ‘crisis actors.’

‘I have apologized for six years for anything I did wrong, questioning Sandy Hook,’ Jones, 48, said during his tirade outside the courthouse on Wednesday, ending up red-faced and out-of-breath at points.

‘I didn’t question Sandy Hook to be mean, I wasn’t the leader of question for Sandy Hook, but I did say things that were hurtful and not true, but I did not do it on purpose.’

Jones went on to reiterate previous assertions that he has apologized for his comments, which he has said were not intentionally malicious – all while growing increasingly irate.

‘I apologized four years ago on Joe Rogan – it’s got over 100million views,’ Jones told reporters. ‘But the corporate media constantly says that, ‘Oh, for the first time, he apologizes,” quoting what he likely perceived the general public’s perception of his persecution, sarcastically putting the sentiment in air quotes.

‘I apologized on Steven Crowder three years ago,’ Jones went on, referring to a 2019 appearance on another right-wing web show.

‘Six years ago,’ he went on, ‘I said: “I believe Sandy Hook happened.”‘

‘When I became extremely famous during the Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton ran $30million of national ads saying I was Trump’s “brain,”‘ Jones continued, repeating claims that he been targeted by the left for repeatedly speaking out against them.

‘Look, I like President Trump overall,’ Jones said, ‘but I was not his brain.’ He added of the former president: ‘He doesn’t listen to anybody but himself.’

The outspoken conspiracy theorist went on to downplay his influence among the political right, suggesting that his comments do not hold nearly as much weight as the media currently suggests.

‘Them Democrats believe that I run the Republican Party – I don’t,’ Jones said outside the court on Wednesday, as prosecutors called three relatives of victims slain in the shooting to testify against him.

‘They believe that I’m, like, this Lex Luthor mastermind that controls everything – I don’t,’ Jones said, growing increasingly emotional. ‘I basically don’t even control my own life.’

Many topics have been barred from discussion and the jury has been asked to leave the courtroom on several occasions on Thursday. 

Jones seen leaving the Connecticut courthouse on Thursday 

Chris Mattei (pictured) is representing the Sandy Hook families and did not go easy on Jones

At one point, Bellis exclaimed: ‘You’re going to get your exercise today, for those of you who wear Fitbits.’ 

Bellis bared any questions regarding the First Amendment, the settlements regarding the 2012 shooting that didn’t involved Jones, his bankruptcy claim, his previous Sandy Hook trial – this trial focuses on how much he owes the plaintiffs, politics, and more. 

Before Jones took the stand, Bellis reportedly asked him if he understood the rules, according to The New York Times

‘I don’t want to have any unpleasantness,’ she told him. 

‘I understand as long as they don’t ask those questions,’ he replied. 

Also during the trial today, he was questioned on the employment of Dan Bidondi, a freelance cameraman, who Jones has tried to distance himself from. 

Bidondi had made several trips to Newtown to confront residents and survivors of Sandy Hook. 

Jones – famous for his outburst – was not immune to one on the stand as he shouted at Mattei, according to the Times. Bellis told Jones and his lawyer that they needed to obey the rules about politics being banned and over his outburst or face a contempt hearing, the Times reported. 

‘Do you want me to stop your client from speaking? Physically, do you want me to stop him from speaking?’ she asked his lawyer at one point. 

‘How are we going to avoid this problem tomorrow?’

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