Accused: Shaan Mir is on trial and denies one count of murder and one count of attempted murder after a fatal clash in an M&S car park

A showdown between a woman’s ex-lovers in a Marks and Spencer car park ended in the murder of a friend brought along for support, a jury was told today.

Father-of-two Matthew Tester accompanied his friend Steven Butler to confront an ex-girlfriend’s former lover and was repeatedly run over by a car and killed when the confrontation escalated, prosecutors say.

A second victim, Lee Waring, was also knocked down and suffered serious injuries following the confrontation between Ize Schoeman’s two ex-boyfriends.

The story of murder in the M&S car park was told to a jury at Guildford Crown Court where 27-year-old Shaan Mir denied charges of murder and attempted murder.

The court was told that Mir had been dating Ms Schoeman but the couple broke up and the defendant believed one of her previous boyfriends, Steven Butler had been responsible for the collapse of his relationship.

Mir arranged to meet Mr Butler in the superstore car park in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, to talk about his theory – but Mr Butler decided to ensure colleagues, Matthew Tester and Lee Waring were present in case of trouble.

The jury heard that what happened next involved a punch being thrown at Mir and him getting in his car and driving straight into father-of-two Mr Tester and Mr Waring, killing the former who was known to friends as ‘Tik.’

Mir reversed the car back over the men and shouted out ‘you’re not so f***king hard now are you’.

Jurors were told he then drove off in the car which he later got rid of while shaving his hair off to change his appearance.

Prosecutor Michael Ivers said: ‘On April 22 of this year, Mir deliberately drove into Mr Tester and Mr Waring as they were walking away from his car. They had their backs turned away from him.

‘He repeatedly drove and reversed over their bodies. When he finally drove off Mr Tester was dying and Mr Waring was injured. 

‘Mir then changed his appearance – he changed clothes, shaved his head, and he even got rid of the car. He was questioned later that day.

‘The first thing he said to police was his car was stolen. He repeatedly said that. He was asked questions by police and he answered “no comment”.

The jury was told father Matthew Tester (pictured) went to the meeting as a friend of Steven Butler to back him up but died from his injuries after he was repeatedly run over by Shaan Mir

‘He later accepted he was the driver. He couldn’t do anything other than accept that when he looked at the evidence.

‘He claimed he was acting in self-defence when he was driving into those two men – if you are being attacked, you can use reasonable force to defend yourself.

‘To drive into two people walking away from your car was clearly not self-defence,’ said Mr Ivers.

The prosecutor told the court how Mir’s then-girlfriend, Ms Schoeman, wanted to take a break from the relationship from around November 2020 to April this year.

‘Ms Schoeman had known Steven Butler for years and said she had a brief relationship with Mr Butler prior to their [her and Mir’s] relationship.

‘Whatever was the reason, it meant their relationship started to deteriorate and she wanted to take a break. On April 20 Mir removed some of his belongings from their home.’

The confrontation took place in the car park of an M&S in Walton-on-Thames. Pictured: Police officers  guard the scene of the car park whether the incident took place in April this year

Shortly after this, Mir began sending messages to Mr Butler and Mr Butler’s girlfriend, leading to the men agreeing to meet in the Marks and Spencer car park.

The jury heard that murder victim Mr Tester and Mr Waring were both friends of Mr Butler and the two friends were working on scaffolding erected nearby at the time of the incident.

Mr Ivers continued: ‘There was an altercation between Mir and Mr Butler – Mr Butler punched the defendant. Mir fell to the ground and Mr Butler walked away, according to his account. Mr Tester and Mr Waring went to Mir and said “just leave him [Mr Butler] alone, it’s nothing to do with you”.

‘They walked away, and that’s when he drove on,’ said Mr Ivers.

Judge Jonathan Black heard that Joshua Irvin, who was working on the scaffolding nearby, was alerted to the incident by the sound of a revving engine.

Mr Ivers explained: ‘He heard an impact. They were both injured. People were screaming. He saw Mir reverse over Mr Waring.

A police officer stood beside a cordon at the scene in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, in April

‘Mr Butler had his hands on the side of the car and tried to pull the bodies out of the way. He managed to pull them behind some bollards.

‘Mir then yelled from the car: “See, you’re not so f**king hard now are you”.

‘He later sent a text message to Butler, saying “glad all could be dealt with in a civil manner”.’

The court heard that Mr Waring was treated at the scene and taken to hospital where he had multiple operations to his face, a wound to his chin and another to his chest. 

Mr Tester was treated at the scene but died of a head injury, a post-mortem examination confirmed.

The jury was shown police body camera video that revealed how Mir claimed that his car was stolen, telling officers he was ‘baffled’ by the arrest.

Mir denies murder and attempted murder and the trial continues at Guildford Crown Court

He said to the officers: ‘My car has been stolen and you’re arresting me for murder? You lot are off your heads.’

Once taken in to be interviewed by officers, he declined to comment on any of the questions put to him.

At the time of the attack, neighbours revealed Mr Tester, an avid scooter enthusiast, was a family man devoted to his two teenage daughters, Maddy and Pippa. 

The jury heard that before the confrontation, Mir messaged Mr Butler on Instagram, saying: ‘Hello, I just wanted to ask you why you think it was okay to talk to my bird and tell her she broke your heart.

‘Something that’s been bothering me for a while. It’s just a disrespect. Think I will tell your girl tbh.’

Mir then sent a screenshot of conversations between himself and Ize – which he interpreted as cheating – to Georgina Bert, Mr Butler’s then-partner. Following this, Mr Butler said: ‘Did you want to talk to me about this in person? You’ve just ruined my life.’

Mr Butler told the court: ‘Some things on messages can come across differently and I wanted to talk to him to talk this through.

‘I deleted the message the evening it (the attack) happened because I was confused and scared and I thought I was going to get in trouble for punching him.

‘Them two (sic) were like father figures to me. They loved me like a son. They came with me to watch my back, just in case Mir turned up with a van full of blokes. I didn’t know what I was walking into.’

Mir, of Weybridge, Surrey, denies murder and attempted murder. The trial continues.

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