Work has come to a complete halt on a £210 million energy centre in Grangemouth.

Bosses at Brockwell Energy, the owners of Earls Gate Energy Centre, say CNIM (Earls Gate) Limited are responsible for the site but have not been working since its return from the New Year break.

The centre was created to prevent 216,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste from entering landfill every year.

Falkirk Live understands French construction firm CNIM have failed to return contact with Brockwell, and its labour staff have been laid off without pay.

Nearby CalaChem and adjacent industrial plants were all set to benefit from the development as it would be providing heat and power to them.

The site was due to open by the middle of this year, creating around 30 jobs.

A spokesperson for Brockwell Energy told us: “We can confirm the main contractor CNIM (Earls Gate) Limited, responsible for the site, has not been working since its return from the New Year break.

“Earls Gate Energy Centre Limited is the owner of the project and is seeking information from CNIM to understand the issue. It is known that CNIM E&E Division is currently undergoing a financial restructuring with support from the French Government.

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“Earls Gate Energy Centre Limited, who is the sponsor of the project, and its owners are financially sound and highly committed to the completion and delivery of the project but are unable to comment further until they are fully appraised of the situation.

Falkirk East MSP Michelle Thomson says she’s monitoring the situation closely, and called it “concerning”.

She added: “Following on from the earlier reports surrounding Earls Gate Energy Centre I have now had the opportunity to meet with the CFO of Brockwell Energy.

“I believe that a statement has been made available to the media on this matter.

“I am aware that Earls Gate Energy Centre Limited are seeking further information and discussions with CNIM (Earls Gate) Limited who are responsible for the site.

“I will continue to keep in contact with Brockwell and their partners and monitor the situation closely as it develops.”

Despite making numerous attempts to contact CNIM, they have failed to provide us with a response.

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