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Says medical adviser has ‘lost his reputation’

Dr. Anthony Fauci (Official White House photo)

Dr. Anthony Fauci (Official White House photo)

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – A Republican lawmaker that Dr. Anthony Fauci called a “moron” earlier this week will introduce a financial disclosures bill known as the FAUCI Act.

Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall will introduce the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals Act after Fauci insulted him in the aftermath of a heated debate in the Senate earlier this week, a spokesperson for the senator told the Hill. The FAUCI Act would mandate that the Office of Government Ethics present the financial records for people such as Fauci on its website, an allusion to the initial dispute that prompted Fauci to call Marshall a “moron” on a hot mic during a Senate hearing.

“Dr. Fauci has lost his reputation,” Marshall said during a Thursday morning interview on Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria. “He’s lied to Congress again. As you pointed out, the highest paid federal employee in the government, over $400,000 a year. But even more than that, he oversees $5 billion of grants, including significant amounts to Wuhan, China, via EcoHealth. Don’t you think you’d like to know if he’s getting any type of funds from Wuhan, China, or is it from the Chinese government?”

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